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At Ten Yi Tea, we specialize in offering premium, authentic Asian teas, meticulously sourced and crafted for tea enthusiasts worldwide.
Ten Yi Tea Trading

Humble Beginnings

Ten Yi Tea, located in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, is a company deeply passionate about all things tea. Established in 1995, we have built a rich history centered around delivering quality tea, which has always been at the heart of our mission. Our reputation is built on a meticulous study and deep understanding of tea leaves, encompassing the nuances of scent, taste, and types, as well as the intricate art of brewing.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being one of the pioneers in Malaysia, specializing in the distribution of premium tea leaves imported from renowned tea-growing regions in China, Japan, and Taiwan. Our commitment to quality ensures that every tea leaf we offer meets the highest standards, thereby allowing our customers to experience the true essence of authentic Asian teas. With decades of expertise and a passion for tea, Ten Yi Tea is dedicated to bringing the finest tea experience to enthusiasts around the world.


Business Activities

We are proud of our long-term distributorship of premium quality tea leaves to a wide range of clientele in Malaysia. Additionally, we supply a variety of products to cater to our clients' business needs, including items for banquet services, room service, dining, and more.

Moreover, in addition to distributing premium tea leaves, we collaborate with various business partners and clients for joint promotions during celebrations and festivals such as Chinese New Year, the Mooncake Festival, and others. Furthermore, we also offer a series of tea training courses upon request, helping our clients recognize key flavor notes and identify different tea blends in every brew.

Company Clients

At present, we distribute to more than 60 clients ranging from established Premium Hotels to F&B outlets in Malaysia. In coming years, we are expanding our distribution channels around the South-East Asia region.

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